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Interpersonal Comm - 1318

The Art of Public SpeakingInterpersonal Communication


This course covers the application of communication theory to interpersonal relationship development, maintenance, and termination in the relationship contexts including friendships, romantic partners, families, and relationships with co-workers and supervisors.

Prerequisite: TSI complete in Reading and Writing, or equivalent.


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Seedling Project Breakdown & Sample Video:

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, research shows that stages emerge and develop in discernible stages (Knapp et. al, 2014). Relational growth is intricately tied with processes of self-disclosure, reducing uncertainty, developing trust, creating a relational culture, and maturing through life cycles, etc. This assignment is designed to help the students understand and experience the “Coming Together” Stages of Relationship Development (Knapp et. al., 2014).


Components for the project:

  • Daily journal entries discussing relationships with partner and "child"
  • Weekly learning experience & write-up
  • Video presentation
  • Final presentation

Sample Video Presentation:

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